Monday, April 16, 2012

Talen's in Town

Marc was not able to come home to see Talen before he left on his mission so we had Talen fly out here and spend a few days with us. It was perfect! We got him all to ourselves and did not have to share him with his friends. We made the most of our time while he was here and did a lot of fun activities. On the first night, Tal and Marc went to The Melt. A restaurant that offers delicious sandwiches made out of two large pieces of Texas Toast. Talen said it was one of the best sandwiches he has ever eaten. The following day, Talen was lucky enough to be Marc's first patient as a dental student. Talen endured two hours of cleaning and probing. What a trooper! That night we headed to the Miami verses Cleveland Cavaliers game. It was a fun atmosphere to see the dynamics between Lebron and the Cleveland fans. You either love him or hate him.

Marc and I at the game

All of us at the end of the game when we were able to get closer to the court

After our night at the game we headed south to Columbus to go to the temple, enjoy some ice cream, and see the campus of Ohio State University.

All of us at the temple

Me and the future Elder Tremea

Marc and Talen really wanted to see the inside of the The Horseshoe (Ohio State's football stadium). We checked all of the gates to see if there was one accidentally left open and then we tried going to the top of a dorm to see if that would give us a peek of the stadium. Unfortunately, there were only rooms on the top floor so we could not look out to the stadium and we ended up walking out of the building just in time to avoid a parking ticket. The things people will do to get a glimpse of the horseshoe.

The last day Talen was here was my birthday. Marc had to go to school during the day so we babysat in the morning and then ventured out to Squires Castle. It was a beautiful day and was great to just walk around and talk to Tal before he left. When Marc got home that night we went to Little Italy to try and relive our days in Italy. We enjoyed dinner at Trattoria on the Hill and then ended the night with some gelato!

Talen being Talen in front of Squires Castle

It was great to be able to spend time with Talen before he left. We all learned a lot from each other while he was here. About two weeks after Talen came to visit it was time for his farewell. I am happy to say he has now been in the MTC one WHOLE month. Twenty-three months and counting. We love you Elder Tremea!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving in D.C. and Christmas Fun

For Thanksgiving this year we decided to visit our relatives that live in Washington D.C. As luck would have it, the day we decided to drive down there it rained non-stop. Normally it would only take around five hours to get there, but because of the rain it took us seven hours! Once we were there we were excited to take it all in. Our relatives were amazing at taking care of us and letting us join in on their Thanksgiving feast. In the days that surrounded Thanksgiving, we were able to go to D.C. several times and we sure got our exercise in walking to all of the museums and monuments. We saw a lot of stuff, but there is plenty more for us to see the next time we go back.

Visiting the Washington D.C. Temple. It’s a very big temple and absolutely beautiful! The day we went there was a windstorm (Marc had surgery on his eye that is why he is wearing his glasses.)

Supreme Court Building

Library of Congress

The White House in the cold rain

Washington Monument

Capitol Building

World War II Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

We also made gingerbread houses! A big group of us got together and spent the evening making gingerbread houses. We love making gingerbread houses!!

In preparation for Christmas this year, Marc got out the Santa suit and was Santa Claus for the ward Christmas party. He had to stuff a few blankets in his costume to fill it out, but he looked ok. He even had a Bluetooth in his ear so that the parents of the children could talk to him. That way he could call the kids by name and he already knew what they wanted for Christmas. It was quite the effort.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Fun and Fiji?

This past weekend my family F-I-N-A-L-L-Y came to visit and we had a great time! We began the fun-filled weekend on Friday. The girls went shopping at the fabulous teacher store called Lakeshore and the mall (with no budget restrictions) while the boys went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Then we ended our night with the delicious Cheesecake Factory and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. On Saturday we spent the day in Kirtland visiting the church history sites.

All of us in front of the Newel K. Whitney Store

Marc and I in front of the Kirtland Temple

The whole family in front of the big green door at the Kirtland Temple (remember the face of the one in the middle)

This was my family's first time visiting the Kirtland Church History sites and it was a great experience. We ended our Saturday by cheering on the Cougars, making homemade pizzas, and getting some yogurt. Sadly, our weekend came to an end all too quicky and we had to take my family back to the airport on Sunday (I have a love/hate relationship with the airport out here.) Marc and I loved having my family here. It was so nice to take a break from school and enjoy everyone's company. Being away from families has shown us how much we love and appericate them. Thanks family for coming to visit! Come again soon.

Now for some exciting news! Do you remember the the face I told you to remember? Well that is the face of Elder Talen Joseph Tremea. On Wednesday, October 26, 2011 he was called to serve in the Fiji Suva mission!

He will be serving the Lord by spreading the good word of the gospel in this beautiful country for two years!

As I watched Talen get his call, I was in shock. How could the man that was standing there getting his call be the same boy that used to spend hours playing chess so he could beat his second grade teacher, or the one who spent countless hours with his neighborhood friends at our house eating our food and drinking our lemonade, or the one who I used to bribe to make me chocolate milk everyday after school because I told him he was the best at making it. I am so proud of Talen and his decision to go on his mission. Talen has always had a strong testimony of the church. He is such an example to me. Even after a long day of school, homework, and basketball, one can still find that boy reading his scriptures each night. Even though I am proud of him, I am going to miss him like crazy. Talen and I have become close as we have gotten older and I am going to miss our late night talks and of course his personality, but I know that Talen has a great work to do in Fiji. I am so proud of you Talen. Love ya!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Fun

One of the best things about living in Ohio is that it is close to so many fun places! This past weekend we took a road trip to New York. We have been planning this trip for quite awhile and did our best to time it around when the leaves would be in their peak of changing colors. You can be the judge by looking at the pictures, but I think we did pretty well. Our first stop was Palmyra, New York. While we were there we did the "must see's" which include: the Smith's log home and frame home, Sacred Grove, Palmyra Temple, and Hill Cumorah. The Sacred Grove was so beautiful and peaceful (you could even hear the leaves falling from the trees.) Marc and I have been to these sites before with our familes but we both enjoyed being able to go together.

In front of the Smith family frame home (where they used to store their bees.)

While you are in the temple you can look out the window and see the Sacred Grove. Beautiful!

Inside the Sacred Grove.

Walking out of the Sacred Grove.

Palymra Temple

After spending time at the Smith family homes and the Sacred Grove, we made the long two mile trek over to the Hill Cumorah. Last time I was here the pagent was going on so the hill looked a lot different this time. I hope we get a chance to go to the pagent while we are out here for dental school. It is amazing.

On the way home from Palmrya, we decided to take another way home for new scenary and so we did not have to pay for the toll rodes. Marc did some great research and discoverd Letchworth State Park also known as "The Grand Canyon of the East."

We loved getting out of the car and looking at ALL of the look out points.

The falls at the park were incredible. Who needs to drive to Niagara Falls when you have these ones?

We had a great weekend and plan to make this trip a tradition!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time to RISE UP

Marc and I could have not asked for a better Labor Day weekend. It was filled with driving, food (ribs and fried cookin), driving, Cougar football, driving, true southern hospitality, and did I mention DRIVING?

When we decided to move out to Ohio one of the things that we knew we would miss (besides our families) would be BYU football games! Lucky for us, the Cougars had their season opener in Mississippi which is within driving distance.

We debated back and forth whether or not to go and then Marc's cousin invited us to go with her family so after that it was a done deal.

We left Friday night after Marc got home from school and drove to Nashville, Tennessee. Then we woke up bright and early Saturday morning to finish the drive to the quaint city of Oxford, Mississippi.

I was nervous when we entered the stadium that we would get booed because of our BYU attire, loud cheering for our Cougars, and this saying chanted by the Ole Miss fans: "Ole Miss, Ole Miss, were going to beat the he$$ out of you"...but...instead we were greeted with true southern hospitality. Everyone was so kind and were truly there to enjoy a great football game.

Entering into the stadium. Ole Miss is full of tradition. The men wear collared shirts and loafers to the game while the women wear dresses and high heels (Marc and I were sporting the five dollar BYU t-shirt from last year and the year before to the game. I am sure we looked like true fans.)

Ole Miss is known for their awesome tailgate parties.

I can see why! Look to your right. Those are all Ole Miss tents each accompanied by fans who have traveled into the small college town!

The stadium

Did I mention that we had wonderful seats: 24 rows up on the forty yard line!!

After thinking that everyone was going to call us crazy for driving quite the distance to see our Cougars lose, we FINALLY pulled through (thanks to the defense). We won!!

On our way home we decided to break up the drive by stopping at a few temples. We are trying to see all of them so we got a few checked off our list.

The Nashville Tennessee Temple

The Louisville Kentucky Temple (the temples we decided to stop at happen to be twins).

As you can see (from the bags under our eyes and the uncombed hair) we had quite the weekend. I am so glad we got to experience one Cougar football game this season and that the Cougars decided to RISE UP at the end of the game and give us a win and make the long drive totally worth it!