Monday, April 16, 2012

Talen's in Town

Marc was not able to come home to see Talen before he left on his mission so we had Talen fly out here and spend a few days with us. It was perfect! We got him all to ourselves and did not have to share him with his friends. We made the most of our time while he was here and did a lot of fun activities. On the first night, Tal and Marc went to The Melt. A restaurant that offers delicious sandwiches made out of two large pieces of Texas Toast. Talen said it was one of the best sandwiches he has ever eaten. The following day, Talen was lucky enough to be Marc's first patient as a dental student. Talen endured two hours of cleaning and probing. What a trooper! That night we headed to the Miami verses Cleveland Cavaliers game. It was a fun atmosphere to see the dynamics between Lebron and the Cleveland fans. You either love him or hate him.

Marc and I at the game

All of us at the end of the game when we were able to get closer to the court

After our night at the game we headed south to Columbus to go to the temple, enjoy some ice cream, and see the campus of Ohio State University.

All of us at the temple

Me and the future Elder Tremea

Marc and Talen really wanted to see the inside of the The Horseshoe (Ohio State's football stadium). We checked all of the gates to see if there was one accidentally left open and then we tried going to the top of a dorm to see if that would give us a peek of the stadium. Unfortunately, there were only rooms on the top floor so we could not look out to the stadium and we ended up walking out of the building just in time to avoid a parking ticket. The things people will do to get a glimpse of the horseshoe.

The last day Talen was here was my birthday. Marc had to go to school during the day so we babysat in the morning and then ventured out to Squires Castle. It was a beautiful day and was great to just walk around and talk to Tal before he left. When Marc got home that night we went to Little Italy to try and relive our days in Italy. We enjoyed dinner at Trattoria on the Hill and then ended the night with some gelato!

Talen being Talen in front of Squires Castle

It was great to be able to spend time with Talen before he left. We all learned a lot from each other while he was here. About two weeks after Talen came to visit it was time for his farewell. I am happy to say he has now been in the MTC one WHOLE month. Twenty-three months and counting. We love you Elder Tremea!

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  1. Looks like you guys had some fun! That's awesome you got to spend some quality time with your brother before he left on his mission! :)